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Why does executive presence matter?

Executive presence is a skill leaders need more and more as they ascend the career ladder.

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Why does executive presence matter?

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Why does executive presence matter? It’s a prerequisite for reaching the next level.

Think about what got you to where you are today? You’ve relied on the following:  

  • Performance
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Competence

Many leaders make the mistake of thinking advancement centers on skill and performance, but that’s not true after a certain stage of your career. To rise to the next level, you need a strong executive presence. You need to be the leader who commands respect and whose opinion everyone seeks out.

Take a look at the top leadership in your company. Senior leaders usually show some degree of executive presence, although some display more of it than others, which makes them more effective leaders. Which ones are the most commanding, inspirational, and effective leaders? They’re almost certainly the ones with more executive presence.

At the level of leadership you aspire to reach, executive presence is crucial for making an impact and establishing yourself as a successful leader.


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