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In the yogurt aisle, it’s (almost) all Greek

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One look at the yogurt aisle of any grocery or the new-product lineup at any food and beverage show will leave you with no doubt that Greek-style yogurt is one of the biggest trends this year.

With offerings from FAGE USA Dairy Industry, Chobani and Dannon, as well as newly launched Yoplait Greek from General Mills, the category continues to expand. And the trend is growing beyond the dairy aisle. As displayed at the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association show and the Summer Fancy Food Show, Greek yogurt is featured in frozen items, baked goods and beyond.


This year, Ciao Bella introduced Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt, touting the high protein benefit of Greek yogurt and fruity flavors such as raspberry and blueberry.

Ben & Jerry’s joined the ranks of Greeks with its Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt. Coming in mash-up flavors such as Raspberry Fudge Chunk and Blueberry Vanilla Graham, the Ben & Jerry’s line focuses on translating Greek yogurt’s creamy texture into a rich, frozen dessert. Stonyfield Farm also offers a frozen version of its popular Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt.


Café Valley Bakery contributes to thousands of recipes online offering Greek yogurt as a substitution ingredient. From savory items to sweet treats, Greek yogurt can stand in for richer dairy items such as butter and sour cream. At the IDDBA show, Café Valley showed off cake made with Greek yogurt in flavors of orange cranberry and apple crunch as well as lemon blueberry.


A few companies offered products that stood out from the crowd, either for their unique design or an ingredient list that makes them perfect for consumers with dietary restrictions.

Sun Valley Dairy’s Voskos Greek Yogurt, which comes in several standard varieties, introduced the Crunch line, with granola attached to add fiber and crunch.

SO Delicious, a dairy-free brand from Turtle Mountain, also has gotten on the Greek bandwagon, launching products that have the thick texture of Greek yogurt and are rich in fiber but are made with almond or coconut milk so they are suitable for vegans and other consumers who do not eat dairy.