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Smart executives spend a good deal of time working to improve the performance of individual employees.

Produce plays a big part in Wal-Mart's food-waste reduction plans

A GMO labeling law, an overtime bill and supermarket growth plans rated with readers this week

Melinda Gates

Collaboration, data help to address the world’s most pressing public health and education challenges.

Intuitive decision-making has been shown to be both accessible and readily trainable. Here's how to get started.


Edtech expert offers a glimpse at the tech trends setting the stage for the 2016-17 school year.

Venn Diagram

Elementary reading specialists share best practices for developing and maintaining lines of communication.

How Cineplex improved their social strategy

Cineplex creates movie buzz through the help of influencers, location-based marketing, hashtags and user-generated content.

Research suggests that it takes just the right mix of innate talent, personality traits, and life experiences to be successful and reach the top of the ladder. Here are four characteristics that set successful people apart.

Ingredient storytelling; cheese plate

Revealing ingredient origin in product names and marketing claims creates a feeling of authenticity, and can increase brand integrity.

How you can enrich your instruction through Open Education Resources.

What drives the president and former CEO of Annie's? What is his value system and that of the company's?

SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. What's the balance between "thinking" and "doing" on your team?

online network

Teacher/blogger shares how she created a comprehensive spreadsheet that breaks down the pros and cons of school-communication apps.

Being a boss brings a lot of pressure. These seven steps wil lhelp you thrive under the pressure and develop great employees.

In a market where every half point of market share for a name brand has huge financial consequences, private label has to be analyzed as closely as new premium brands.