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5 ways to write effective user-friendly product descriptions

Want to write user-friendly product descriptions that win over shoppers instantly? Use these tips to create product descriptions that appeal to shoppers.

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5 ways to write effective user-friendly product descriptions

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Shoppers, including the new and low-frequency users, will continue shopping online even after the pandemic and restrictions subside, reports Accenture.

While that is great, it also means high competition.

So, how can your online store stand out?

One thing that differentiates winning online stores is that they write user-friendly product descriptions. Their product descriptions satisfy user intent, provide users with a great experience and compel them to click the “Add to Cart” button — basically, all the things that are essential to boost online sales.

But how can you write user-friendly product descriptions that also increase your conversion rates?

I’ll explain below.

1. Optimize for SEO

Optimizing your descriptions for search engines is your first step to get people to notice your products and buy them. If you rank high on Google Search for phrases that your audience uses to search for your products, you have a better chance of driving them to your online store and boost your e-commerce business.

But how do you write user-friendly product descriptions that also top search engine results pages (SERPs)?

Research phrases your audience uses to discover your products and include the main keywords in your titles, alt tags, URLs and descriptions. You should also include related phrases to make it easier for those actively seeking your products to find you. Content optimization is a game changer if you want to rank higher on Google Search.

2. Make descriptions scannable

Scannable descriptions make it easy for your audience to skim through pieces of content while getting all the information they require to purchase. In addition, scannable descriptions are easy on the eye for mobile shoppers as well.

But how can you write user-friendly product descriptions your audience can easily scan?

  • Start by writing three or more sentences describing the product. These should set the scene by telling the buyer how the product can solve their pain point.
  • Explain the most important product details using titled segments with bullet points. These details can include your product’s specifications, features, benefits, etc.
  • Write unique descriptions. Be creative and use this opportunity to excite them about the product, while establishing your brand’s voice –- casual, serious, fun, etc.
  • Use plenty of white space and different font sizes.
  • Place calls-to-action strategically and highlight them using buttons, boldface or colors.

When you write user-friendly product descriptions that are scannable, you make it easy for the audience to see the benefits and features they consider important.

3. Include quality visuals

E-commerce marketers who want to increase conversions use original, high quality and unique visuals in their product descriptions.

How does that work?

Including visuals, as you write user-friendly product descriptions, can draw buyers to your products while also showing them what’s under the hood. Doing so is a way to gain trust with the audience.

But what kind of visuals can help build audience trust?

Product videos: These include videos that show your audience how to use the product correctly. Or, your video can have an influencer or expert explaining the product’s benefits.

High-quality product images: Use photos of the product taken from different angles to show its look, feel, dimensions, detailing and textures as closely as you can.

One key tip: Do not use stock photos. Either hire a professional videographer to take photos and record videos or take your own pictures and then refine them using advanced photo-editing tools.

4. Integrate 3D, AR and 360-degree viewing

Want your audience to experience your products before they buy?

Leverage technology like 3D, 360-degree viewing and augmented reality.

With 360-degree viewing, you can write user-friendly product descriptions and include a series of product images taken from various angles in a sequence. The customer can then rotate the images, pan them around and zoom in on specific areas.

As for the 3D images, you make it possible for the buyer to interact with your products as they would if they visited your physical store.

Finally, with augmented reality, you enable customers to have a real glimpse of how the product would look like in their environment.

For example, how the shopper would look wearing the product or how the product would look in their living room.

Check out how Amazon uses augmented reality to help shoppers buy furniture.

Amazon AR view lets you visualize products in your home, before you buy them. Image via: Amazon/YouTube

5. Include social proof

Research shows that 89% of shoppers check out reviews before buying. Additionally, 79% say content created by other consumers influences their buying decisions.

It’s therefore crucial to integrate different types of social proof as you write user-friendly product descriptions. These include customer reviews, testimonials, ratings and user-generated content.

Additionally, you can offer social proof by showcasing how many people bought a product or recommended it. It will help you build good customer relationships as well as good business ROI.

The best way to get social proof is to ask customers who bought the product to provide reviews and rate your products.

Ready to write user-friendly product descriptions?

The ability to write user-friendly product descriptions comes from continuous experimentation. So, try all these tactics, A/B test to see which ones bring in more revenue, and focus on those.

Most importantly, don’t forget to offer value when you write user-friendly product descriptions.

Ensure they have detailed information about your products, quality visuals to show them in action, and social proof to convince buyers.


Gaurav Sharma is the founder of Attrock, a digital marketing company. He works closely with top marketing influencers and has helped numerous brands, e-commerce firms and SaaS companies grow. He is also a certified Google Analytics and Google Adwords specialist and regularly contributes to reputable publications like HuffPost, TechCrunch and many more.