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6 Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

The importance of digital marketing in health care

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Health care spending has grown by 20% in the last year. Despite the rapid growth the industry is seeing, marketers must deal with challenges in implementing digital campaigns. New technology, data and privacy concerns, legislative and regulatory changes, and cost are just a few of the factors that marketers face when creating a digital marketing plan. 

To help your organization thrive, implement the following steps in your digital marketing plan or download the Infographic

Know your Unique Value

This is key in any industry, but it is especially important in the crowded health care market. Determining your unique value will become the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Know your Audience

With so many players in the health care space, don’t waste your efforts on a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. What do you offer that provides the greatest resource to your target audience? You should always consider:

  • Which persona you are addressing
  • Pain points you are trying to solve
  • Where your persona falls in the buying journey

Get Personal

Personalize content for each persona in the buying journey. Here are criteria you can use to create personalized content:

  • Behavior:  Have your users been to your site before or is this the first time? Did they download a certain asset or go to a specific page?
  • Context:  What device, time of day, day of the week did the persona engage?
  • Demographics:  What city/state/country are they in? What is their gender? Age? Income level?

Map the buyer journey to find the right content for each persona in each stage. Personalization can cross multiple media and impact your digital campaign.

Create Multichannel, Multimedia Content

Content is the element that keeps buyers engaged. Provide related resources at every step of the buyer’s journey to guide your visitors through the process. Learn to repurpose your best content to present it in different ways, such as creating a webinar, white paper, blog post or infographic.

Make Sure People Can Find You

The health care space is particularly crowded so it is vital that your target audience can easily find your solution in the crowd.

  • Do keyword research:  Make sure your website and online materials are search-optimized for the keywords your buyers will most likely use.
  • Use long-tail keywords:  Weed out people searching under more generic terms.
  • Develop landing pages or microsites for your keywords:  This will help you capture lead information.

Nurture Your Leads Throughout

When sales are complicated and the sales cycle long — especially in health care  — the ability to strategically provide customers and prospects with value throughout the sales process can keep them active and engaged.

Implementing a smart and strategic digital marketing campaign will give your company an edge so make sure you don’t miss out on the most valuable tips on creating a digital campaign. Download the Infographic