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How AI is transforming business operations

The inaugural virtual AI Impact Summit, organized by SmartBrief, aims to separate hype from reality and show how AI will shape industries and transform business functions.

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AI Impact Summit, by SmartBrief, September 2023
Like many others, the travel industry recognizes the importance of harnessing AI to stay competitive. That’s why SmartBrief is announcing its first virtual AI Impact Summit on September 27-28, 2023, which aims to provide valuable insights, separate the hype from reality and showcase how AI can shape industries and transform business functions.

Insights for the travel audience

The AI Impact Summit features AI experts, including Zack Kass, a futurist at OpenAI, and Mutale Nkonde, founder and CEO of AI for the People, whose keynote speeches and discussions will provide valuable knowledge and inspiration to navigate the complexities of AI in business operations.

On September 27, day 1 will explore AI opportunities within various industries. Participants can learn from compelling case studies and best practices, understand how AI has transformed industries and envision its potential impact on travel.  The opening keynote features Smartbrief’s Melissa Turner and OpenAI and will discuss the promises, pitfalls and progress of AI. The general session will discuss how AI will enhance and challenge various industries and include insights from Togal.AI, Deloitte and Teladoc Health.  Throughout the first day, speakers will focus on specific industries such as tech, infrastructure, health care, banking and finance, food and retail, manufacturing and supply chain, and education.

Day 2 will dive into the day-to-day operations of businesses, offering opportunities to learn about enhancing critical organizational functions. These insights are vital for the travel industry, providing guidance on leveraging AI in customer service, revenue management, logistics, and personalized marketing strategies. A fireside chat led by Nkonde, known for her advocacy of reducing algorithmic bias, will be a highlight of the day. Additionally, experts like Shaye Mandle at AdvaMed and Brad Bogolea with Simbe will share their expertise, empowering attendees to apply actionable insights in their own work.

Beyond Nkonde’s session, the summit will addresses the importance of responsible AI use in other sessions as well. Policies and considerations for implementing AI ethically and responsibly will be discussed, ensuring the travel industry’s adoption of AI aligns with societal and ethical standards. Building trust and maintaining the human touch in travel experiences is essential.

Registration and additional information

Early bird rates for individual two-day tickets and group packages are available until August 25. Register and access more information about the event, speakers and agenda at
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