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All-day McMuffins, marketing messages and grocery stores’ latest moves

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A restaurant update led the list of most-read stories by SmartBrief’s ffood and beverage readers last week. McDonald’s  CEO Steve Easterbrook gave updates on the chain’s all-day breakfast launch and offered details on the company’s ongoing efforts to trim less-popular items from the menu to make room for McMuffins. Meanwhile, some franchisees worried that the new menu was slowing service.

Snyder’s-Lance planned $1.91 billion purchase of Diamond Foods also proved popular with readers, as did stories about plans by Mariano’s to open a big new store in Chicago, Wal-Mart’s efforts to bring in wealthier shoppers by streamlining displays and trimming the merchandise mix, and Fresh & Easy’s plan to close or sell all of its 97 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Trends were also of interest, from Lean Cuisine’s shift from a focus on dieting to an emphasis on healthy living in its marketing message to Campbell CEO Denise Morrison’s take on the four major market changes that are affecting the food business.

Here’s the list of this week’s top 10 stories:

  1. How all-day breakfast is changing the menu at McDonald’s
  2. Snyder’s-Lance makes $1.91B deal to buy Diamond Foods
  3. Mariano’s opens its largest store yet in Chicago
  4. Wal-Mart trims inventory to woo more affluent shoppers
  5. Lean Cuisine CMO on why the brand has given up on dieting
  6. Opting out of federal meal program is complicated for N.H. school
  7. Cured egg yolks offer a hit of richness to dishes
  8. Campbell CEO outlines 4 shifts that are changing the food business
  9. Fresh & Easy to sell or close all 97 stores
  10. Veggie burgers go from bland to boutique


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