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Big re-tweet Monday: Viewers and doers

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SmartBrief on Social Media searches the Web every day for the best social media stories — but we can’t read everything. We use Twitter to reach out to readers and find stories we might have missed otherwise. Every day we sift through submissions from our readers (sent using the #sbosm hashtag on Twitter) and include that tweet in our the newsletter for all our everyone to see. Hats off to last week’s winners!

Sept. 28: @Geoffoff: What do we mean by social media Users? We know the Doers, but most folk are simply Viewers: They’re important too!

Sept. 29: @Jeffhurt: Ten Things to Look for in a Social Media Analytics Tool by @gauravonomics

Sept. 30: @oth11 RT @socialmedia2day: Is Corporate Social Media About ROI or a Feel Good Gabfest?

Oct. 1: @adenin RT @thecreativepenn 10 Commandments for Writers Using Social Media by @merylkevans

Oct. 2: @grmeyer read @thebrandbuilder ‘s very insightful piece about strategies for Enterprise Tweeting.

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