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Boost growth mindset, teacher PD

A roundup of Tech Tips on improving growth mindset, using SAMR, training teachers and more.

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Boost growth mindset, teacher PD


This month, we are running a roundup of the year’s top Tech Tips from our Tuesday column in SmartBrief on EdTech. Below are tips for using tech to boost growth mindset, coach and train teachers, manage devices and use the SAMR model.

How to use tech to develop a growth mindset

Technology can help to promote growth mindset among students, writes Gene Tognetti of Agile Educational Technology Consulting. In this blog post, he offers several tech tools for educators to consider.

3 tools administrators can use to support teachers

In this blog post, Karen Larson, an academic technology specialist for the Santa Clara County Office of Education in California, suggests three ways educators can leverage Google Apps for Education for coaching. Among them are to curate a YouTube library of instructional videos and to use Google Forms and Google Docs.

Strategies for improving PD

School leaders can use a variety of strategies to customize professional development for teachers, asserts Ginann Franklin, a director of libraries and educational technology. In this blog post, Franklin offers three ideas to get started.

3 tips for classroom-device management

Mobile devices can be an asset in the classroom when managed properly, asserts Charri Stratton, director of instructional technology at Putnam City Schools in Oklahoma City. In this blog post, Stratton shares three tips to help make the most of these devices.

What is the SAMR model?

Teachers should consider the SAMR model — substitution, augmentation, modification or redefinition — to help technology foster student growth, according to middle-school science teacher Joanna Beck. In this blog post, she shares how the model can be integrated into teaching and learning.


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