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Call for healthy recipes

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Having a Rolodex of nutritious recipes at the ready is helpful for chefs looking for healthy menu options, for dietitians advising clients and for keeping oneself in tip-top shape.

Whether you’re the type to follow a recipe to the “t” or you like to experiment with throwing things together, we can all use some new ideas.

In that spirit, we invite you to submit some of your favorite recipes for consideration for the “Recipe of the Day” section our SmartBrief for Nutritionists e-newsletter.  (By now, you’ve probably figured out that SmartBrief produces more than 100 daily newsletters for professionals in different industries.)

You can send us a URL to a recipe that’s already published online or just write up the details in the comment box below. Just be sure to let us know if your recipe has any special attributes — low-fat, low-sodium, gluten-free — or is particularly well-suited to a specific audience — patients with heart disease, diabetes, food allergies, etc.

We’ll feature the best submissions in SmartBrief for Nutritionists, with props to you for the recommendation.

We look forward to your suggestions!

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