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Education Extra Credit: From AP and censoring to different wavelengths and a stellar program

Read about a social listening analysis, censoring and AP access, and some gifts for music, math/science and art teachers.

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SmartBrief education writers and editors read hundreds of articles, studies and press releases each week – too many to summarize and fit neatly into the sections of our newsletters. Education Extra Credit shares some additional topics of note from the past week or so.

It’s OK if the education secretary copies off you. Many Americans who’ve been laid off and need new skills or employees who want to advance in their careers can’t afford the education to do so. Enter Broward College in Florida, which has free programs to serve these residents. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was so impressed this week that he has vowed to copy the model to use throughout the US.  

Students, teachers and parents are on different pages. Learn how researchers Lauren Ziegler and Rebecca Winthrop conducted a social listening analysis to study the views of “millions of parents, teachers, and students, and ascertain nuances and sentiment around education in real time, as well as historically.” “The vast majority of conversations take place as if [the three groups of people] were in different worlds,” reinforcing the country’s polarization, they write. (The Brookings Institution)

The long-term effects of the pandemic’s global education crisis. The chaos of COVID-19 left students worldwide an average eight months behind in their learning. The keys to coming out the other side are resilience, re-enrollment, recovery and reimagining, according to this hefty study from 12 researchers. (McKinsey & Co.)

Schools that censor may lose some AP classes. The College Board isn’t keen on censorship and says high schools that eliminate minority authors and content about diversity and racism may be decertified for AP US History and/or AP English. Meanwhile, 68 US schools will start a pilot program next year for a possible AP African American Studies class.

My heart aches for all the Ukrainian students here in the US, who are worried about their relatives, friends and homeland. (The 74)

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