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Eurex and SGX link co-location centers to boost global market access

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Eurex and Singapore Exchange plan to link their data centers in Frankfurt, Germany, and Singapore to provide enhanced service for customers looking to access European and Asia markets. The plan, detailed at the Futures Industry Association’s annual meeting Tuesday and expected to be completed by midyear, would see Eurex move its Singaporean data center inside a SGX co-location center. SGX customers would, in turn, be able to access European markets via network services provided by Eurex.

“Today’s collaboration is part of our ongoing Asian strategy and will lower the connectivity costs for our Asian customers while improving our footprint in a growth region,” said Juerg Spillmann, a member of the Eurex executive board.

Spillmann also said future efforts might bring about a similar link with Hong Kong.

While customers of each exchange can connect their trade-execution system to either the SGX or Eurex co-location data center, trade matching will still be executed by the respective home exchange.

“This is a fantastic way to bring Asia closer to the world and support our customers by delivering better cost efficiencies and better access into the Asian marketplace,” said SGX Executive Vice President Sutat Chew.