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How do you give feedback?

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Jill Geisler kicked off 2010 by blogging “What Great Bosses Know about 5 Resolutions Worth Keeping,” and now she’s fleshing out the details on how to keep those resolutions, starting with five ways to “double your feedback.” I agree with Geisler that more feedback is, in most cases, a good thing because employees crave it and it doesn’t cost a cent.

In tough times such as those we’re facing now, feedback is a valuable cheap trick to boost motivation and morale in the workplace. And I’m not just talking about positive feedback. When you only tell your employees what they are doing well, they will assume they are perfect, or, more likely, they will begin to doubt your sincerity. Your goal should be to achieve a good mix of praise for work done well and constructive criticism to inspire improvement.

How do you give feedback to your employees? How often? How much? What kind? And how do you see it helping your staff and their morale?

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