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How Google used a demo video to get people talking about Google Input Method

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Translations are not always easy because of language barriers that might arise on certain words. Sometimes even translation tools such as a dictionary or an online tool can give you results that don’t always have the same tone of the word. The definition might remain the same, but the word fails to evoke what you want. It’s frustrating to get others to understand what exactly a word means if translation is impossible. Google Input Method is having people communicate with ease across languages by offering its take on translation.

Google Input Method takes translation to a new level that tries to solve the issue of untranslatable words. It studies the sound of a word when looking for its translation. First, you choose one of 22 languages, then a virtual keyboard appears that is for the region of the language you selected. For example, if you choose to write in Serbian, a virtual keyboard that matches it will come up. By utilizing the keyboard, you are writing in the actual language. It is easier to find solutions for untranslatable words with the way it works.

In this week’s episode of “Future of Engagement,” Murray Newlands introduces you to Google Input Method and looks at how Google recently breathed life into its tool with a clever product demo video that has reignited conversation about the tool.