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How lousy bosses erode trust, respect and retention in your workplace

Bad bosses drive away or discourage employees. Don't tolerate them.

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Bad bosses

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Last month, I had a check up with a new cardiologist. My previous doctor had retired, so I signed up with an experienced doc in the same practice.

Why a cardiologist? I had a heart attack in December 1993. I survived that day due to really talented medical professionals.

Every day since — for 24 years — I’ve lived with heart disease. My lifestyle, diet, exercise, habits, etc. all changed for the better.

Within minutes of seeing the new doc, he dismissed, demeaned and discounted my every word, effort and practices. The good news? I’ll never see him again. An aggressive, unkind doctor does not earn a spot on my medical team. I’ve already found a different doc who is skilled and kind.

Just as this unkind doctor’s interactions caused me to leave him, lousy bosses in your organization cause talented, engaged employees to quit and leave — or quit and stay.

In today’s three-minute Culture Leadership Charge video episode created exclusively for SmartBrief readers, I explain why it is so important for you to know how your leaders treat their employees – every day. The impact that lousy leaders have on productivity, engagement, service, and retention is deep and wide – in a really negative fashion.

Don’t tolerate lousy bosses — even for a minute.

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