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How to teach resourcefulness

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Resourcefulness is a word that was common in the lexicon of our grandparents, those men and women who were adults in the Great Depression and had to make do with very little but found a way to not only survive but sometimes thrive.

Resourcefulness is the ability to make do with what you have and to see possibilities where no one else does. Great entrepreneurs possess this ability but you don’t have to be willing to start your own business to benefit from it. Every organization can benefit from it.

Resourcefulness is a trait that many employees possess. It’s up to those in management to put it to good use.


John Baldoni is chair of the leadership development practice at N2Growth, a global leadership consultancy, as well as an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach, author and speaker. In 2010, Top Leadership Gurus named John one of the world’s top 25 leadership experts. His books include “Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up.” Readers are welcome to visit Baldoni’s website.