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If You Can Only Go to One: Kennedy

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This month’s featured conference, Kennedy Information’s Recruiting Conference and Expo, takes place in Las Vegas, May 19-22. Smartbrief’s Sam Taute recently spoke to one of the presenters, Joel Cheesman, CEO and founder of mJob and Cheezhead, to learn more about how companies can use mobile technology to recruit. An edited transcript of that conversation follows.

Why use mobile technology to recruit?

Research is finding that people typically do job searches during their regular work hours. A lot of employers are cracking down on this type of activity, making it harder for potential recruits to reach out to your company. Mobile technology is above the policing of people’s bosses. By giving people the option of using their mobile devices, you allow them to look for you exactly when they want to find you, and on their own terms.

What strategies should companies keep in mind when trying to recruit with mobile technology?

Companies should be trying to create a mobile environment. The most important aspect of doing this is to have a Web site that’s mobile-friendly. A common mistake that companies make is to take their existing Web site, and try to squeeze it into a mobile screen. I tell people to think of the mobile phone as a snack, while the regular Web site is the main course. Does anyone really want to look at big pictures on their mobile devices? Probably not. Instead companies should focus their mobile content on the most important things that they want people to do, such as searching for jobs. Mobile technology really works once you have it plugged into what your company is already doing.

How can using mobile recruiting improve your company’s image?

It certainly makes you look more progressive. It also puts you right in the hands of the people you want to recruit. To be a good marketer you have to be where the people are. Recruiting follows the same rule. Since people have their handsets on them all the time, mobile technology gives companies an excellent “third screen” to make themselves available to potential recruits.

Do you think companies have been slow to adapt to the mobile technology?

I wouldn’t say slow; this is definitely new for everyone. Companies are still trying to figure out what opportunities have become available to them. Also, when new handsets come along–like the iPhone, which basically put the entire industry on steroids– it takes some time for companies learn how to take advantage of these new capabilities.