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Lead the pack with a powerful lead-generating website

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If you’re not getting leads from your website every day, you’re doing something wrong.

Presenting a strategic website is the fast track to driving inbound leads and growing your audience. And it doesn’t have to require a total website overhaul to make this happen. Inbound marketing brings leads to you, and your website is the front door. Make sure it’s ready for business!

There are so many ways to drive leads with your website. A website properly paired with inbound marketing tactics takes more than a couple of nice blogs and a monthly newsletter. Find out how to generate leads with a few strategic tweaks. These are simple changes to make to your site today.

Click to subscribe

Your blog is probably the most powerful tool in your belt for lead generation. Convert website visitors by encouraging them to subscribe to the blog with the simple click of a button. All they have to do is submit their e-mail address, and they’re set.

This new e-mail address means a new opportunity to turn a prospect into a client. Plus, you’re growing your blog following. So, even if that new subscriber doesn’t turn into a client immediately, he or she is starting to follow your company. Be ready to convert that Web traffic into leads. Site visitors and subscribers may even share your helpful and informative posts with their friends – even more potential leads!

Provide free offers

Do you want a free tax season checklist from a credentialed tax professional? Or perhaps a to-do list from a home improvement company to help prep your house for winter? No matter what your audience is looking for or what industry you’re in, you have helpful information to offer them. And this goes beyond your blog. Create more extensive, informative documents, like e-books or how-to guides, for interested prospects to download. All they have to do is provide an e-mail address. Then, you have a new contact, and your potential client has helpful material. Everyone wins.

Be in contact

When someone comes to your website, they’re looking to solve a problem or have a need met. So, be readily available to meet those needs. Build a contact page that provides users with more with than just a phone number. Include a form allowing them to input their e-mail address and phone number. You must be extremely diligent each time the contact form is filled out: E-mail or call within 24 hours. This demonstrates good customer service, ensures that you’re following up on potential leads and is the best way to convert this kind of website traffic into leads.

If you want to be really available to your customers, offer a live chat option on your website. Regardless of whether your phone number is on the site, some people find it easier and less intimidating to chat with you online. Many chat options require users to set up an account and input their contact info – another benefit to your lead-generating efforts.

Start today tip: All of these options are easily implemented on your website. But, pick just one for today and get started. Encouraging a blog subscription option for your site visitors is a great place to begin. Next, start building a piece of material as your free, downloadable offer. Make it good, and get ready for some leads.

Your website sets the tone for your company. For more website wisdom, check out this month’s edition of “2Inbound”!

Mike Lieberman, president and chief inbound scientist at Square 2 Marketing, is a regular contributor to SmartBlogs. You can follow him @Mike2Marketing. To follow Square 2 Marketing, use @Square 2.