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Live from #gc2011: Kurt Kuehn, chief financial officer of UPS

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While at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, UPS Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn stopped to speak with SmartBrief’s Mary Ellen Slayter about the company’s sustainability program, its efforts to help small businesses tap into the global supply chain and his days as a UPS truck driver.

Among his points:

  • The UPS sustainability program is based on an awareness of doing as much as possible with limited resources. After UPS went public, Kuehn saw that the company’s global environmental footprint was a major concern, not only for stakeholders but also for customers. UPS was already committed to maintaining a high level of efficiency, which helped lead into the company’s current sustainability program.
  • Major growth opportunities exist abroad. While resources might be limited for small and midsize businesses, Kuehn said taking it one step at a time can be advantageous. UPS encourages small businesses to focus on one country and find success first, then move on to another market.
  • Starting his career as a UPS truck driver gave Kuehn invaluable insight. By working from the bottom up, Kuehn was able to truly understand — and appreciate — the value of the direct customer relationship. “It’s nice to be able to touch back and to remember when I was out there delivering and picking up packages in South Florida that … we’re a huge impact for our customers.”

For more of Kuehn’s interview, watch this video: