All Articles Leadership Live from #WBFNY: Jim Collins: What makes you great?

Live from #WBFNY: Jim Collins: What makes you great?

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Greatness is not primarily a function of circumstance, according to Jim Collins, but rather a matter of conscious choice and discipline. Collins spoke at today’s World Business Forum in New York City about leading in uncertain times.

Referencing material from his 2011 book “Great by Choice,” Collins listed three things to consider to become great:

  1. Superior performance. Make sure you have your company’s finances in order and perform to the highest level.
  2. What would be lost if your company disappeared? Would another company fill the void?
  3. Achieve lasting endurance. You can’t be great until your company is great without you.

Choosing to create a company with superior performance would be everyone’s first choice, but it takes discipline to achieve greatness. You must confront brutal facts — not opinions –to start the change process needed on the road to greatness.