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Mashed potatoes are a versatile vehicle for truffle flavor

Truffle flavor is trending on menus and versatile, affordable applications mean it’s not just for fine dining anymore.

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Cashing in on the truffle trend doesn’t have to break the bank

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In menu-speak, truffles are practically synonymous with luxury. The 18th century French gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called them “the diamond of the kitchen,” and the fancy fungi are still a prized addition to dishes today. The earthy, complex flavor of truffles can enhance a range of foods, from beef or pasta to eggs and vegetable dishes.

The flavor of truffles is gaining prevalence on menus, growing 4.2% since 2016, according to Mintel research. Vegetable side dishes are the fastest-growing vehicle for truffle flavor, increasing 60% since 2016, according to Mintel. Mashed potatoes account for a significant portion of the category, and make for a versatile side to a variety of main courses.

To help operators take advantage of the trend, Idahoan Foods rolled out its Truffle Mashed Potatoes product.

“Truffles have always been recognized most in a potato application,” said chef David Macfarlane, director of culinary national accounts for Idahoan Foods. “Since Idahoan is the country’s leader in value added/ innovative potato offerings, it is a perfect way for our operators to offer this delicious side that has previously been associated with fine dining.”

Chefs prepare Idahoan Truffle Mashed Potatoes by combining the product with boiling water in a steam table pan. The simple prep process means they can work in just about any setting, “from QSR chicken joints to high volume upscale dining,” Macfarlane said. “Truffle Mashed is a noteworthy addition that would complement any dish from chicken tenders to filet of beef.”

With interest in plant-based dining on the rise, truffle mashed potatoes could also be part of a vegetarian plate, accompanying roasted eggplant, cauliflower florets and roasted parsnip.

Carrying bold flavors from black truffle and traditional French spices, the potatoes can stand on their own without gravy or sauce, according to Macfarlane. “Operators should be prepared for plenty of ‘sauce on the side’ requests with this mashed potato.”

The response from restaurants has been tremendously positive, Macfarlane added.

“Most chefs are really impressed by the balance of flavor and the potatoes’ ability to fit within any operation,” he said. “Elegant with simple execution is our goal at Idahoan and this product certainly exceeds expectation.”

Learn more about Idahoan Truffle Mashed Potatoes and request a free sample.


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