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Object Trading and G.H. Financials partner to bring direct-market access to ASX 24

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Object Trading and G.H. Financials have announced G.H. Financials’ inclusion as a conformed broker on Object Trading’s managed DMA platform. The move will allow market participants to readily trade on the ASX 24 with minimal onboarding thanks to the use of G.H. Financials’ infrastructure for execution, clearing, and risk management. This inclusion expands G.H. Financials’ value to buy-side market participants, according to the companies.

The two firms made the announcement on the eve of the 41st Annual International Futures Industry Conference in Boca Raton, Florida.

Customers are able to begin trading immediately, once risk limits have been approved since G.H. Financials will own execution and clearing on customers’ behalf. The new relationship between Object Trading and G.H. Financials gives clients an additional option when it comes to brokers, enhancing flexibility to meet various account sizes, leverage requirements and asset class needs, according to the companies.

Non-bank futures commission merchants such as G.H. Financials are increasingly stepping in to fill the void as banks close their own FCM operations. “Bank FCMs can be the single resource for a wide range of services including clearing, capital, funding, and lending. In cases where these banks no longer provide the full range of these services to their clients, non-bank FCMs, like G.H. Financials, step up to lend their expertise in regional access or certain asset classes,” said Object Trading Executive Director Gerry Turner.

G.H. Financials provides specialty clearing solutions for futures and options, enabling global access to leading derivatives markets. The company works closely with independent software vendors to provide clients a broad range of options when it comes to trading, while providing high-speed access to major markets in a cost-effective manner.

“Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth, because of our ongoing commitment to provide trading solutions which deploy the latest technologies that easily integrate into other systems, and are fully supported by a reliable, local and personal service,” said G.H. Financials COO Steve Martin.

Object Trading began providing direct market access to the ASX 24 in 2001. Last year, Object Trading co-located its infrastructure in ASX’s data center, the Australian Liquidity Centre, further expanding Object Trading’s service platform. “With this latest addition, our award-winning, managed DMA service platform provides clients with production access to 6 colocation centers and over 60 markets world-wide,” Turner said. “As our managed platform expands, clients benefit from immediate access to venues without the financial burden of investing in infrastructure.”

Both buy-side and sell-side participants can use Object Trading’s platform as a single gateway to gain direct access to global trading marketplaces, incorporating risk constraints and middle office integration in real time. Object Trading’s platform enables access to all forms of electronic trading in many global markets, offering sell-side firms quality access to these markets without making an investment in IT infrastructure. For the buy-side firms, Object Trading offerings an increasing number of FCMs that conform to its platform, providing fast, efficient on-board and a wealth of options when selecting broker services.

Contributing writer: John Davis