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Our ERE Expo notebook: Ben Gotkin

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Smartbrief’s team at the ERE Spring Expo sat in on a session led by Ben Gotkin, RSM McGladrey’s guru on recruitment branding through social media. Ben shared his comprehensive social media plan to put RSM McGladrey on the map as a great place to work:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Understand and identify your audience. Survey current employees to find out what online tools they use.
  3. Find your resources. Who in your company can add energy and expertise?
  4. Establish guidelines and measurement. Not sure what legal guidelines your company’s blog should follow? Ben suggests a simple Google search to find similar organizations’ social media policies.
  5. Explore your social-media options. Check out what your competitors are doing for inspiration.
  6. Make a clear plan. The core sites and tools used by Ben and the ERE audience include Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter. Other tools of note: YouTube, podcasts, Slideshare and Digg.  E-mail marketing should incorporate and link to your social media hotspots. Encourage your team members to add your organization’s Twitter page, blog, and their personal LinkedIn profiles to their e-mail signatures.

The most important idea we took away from Ben’s workshop is that all of your social media pages should be connected. Always link back to your career Web site, and link pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to each other. Don’t think of these tools as independent entities, but as a web of resources that work together to build your recruitment brand.