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Live at ERE’s Spring Expo: How Sodexo builds its talent communities

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The SmartBrief Jobs team is out at ERE’s Spring Expo in San Diego this week. Among the great sessions they checked out: Sherie Valderrama‘s presentation how how Sodexo builds talent communities. Here’s a quick overview of the company’s strategy, contributed by SmartBrief’s Lee Vanderwerff:

  • Gather data and analyze trends. Start by auditing your brand. How is your company perceived? Do you have the data you need to get a clear picture? Do you understand how you’re performing relative to your competitors?
  • Set your goals. Who are you targeting? Where are they engaged? What will it take to get their attention?
  • Overcome organizational reticence. Factor that pushback into your strategy and deal with it upfront, using research to build your argument. Put social media experiments right in front of the executives, so they can see what you’re doing on YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter and how it’s working positively for the company.
  • Help recruiters embrace innovation. Sodexo recruiters were taught how to use Twitter in a national meeting, and which adopted systematically together. Among the tactics they all adopted: Adding their faces to their profiles so that candidates are connecting with a real person,  and making sure they are engaging with their followers, not just broadcasting.

Image credit: Sodexo