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Poll: Schools use technology to improve math outcomes

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Nearly 60% of respondents to a SmartBrief on EdTech poll said their school or district uses technology as part of instruction or assessment in all core subjects. Data indicate that it is most often used in math instruction.

Of those using technology in math, more than 63% said they use classroom tools such as clickers and interactive whiteboards, about 21% said they use mobile devices, and roughly 15% said they use computer labs and other schoolwide technology.

In addition, more than 67% of respondents say the use of technology is at least somewhat — and some say greatly — improving math achievement among students in their school or district.

In which of these subjects does your school or district currently use technology?

All of the above








Social studies/history




Which tech tools are being used in your school or district as part of math instruction or assessment?

Classroom technology (interactive whiteboards, clickers, etc.)


Mobile technology (laptops, iPads, smartphones, etc.)


Schoolwide technology (computer labs)


Is technology improving math achievement for students in your school or district?

Math achievement is somewhat improved because of technology


Technology has made little or no impact on student achievement in math


Students’ math achievement is greatly improved because of technology


Looking at these findings, is it the case that many technology tools lend themselves best to math lessons? Or does technology have the same potential to improve student outcomes in other subjects as well? How are educators in your school or district using technology to teach other subjects like reading, writing, science and social studies?

Katharine Haber is an associate editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.