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Q&A: Antronix and Teleste talk broadband with ESD, PON

Antronix and Teleste Intercept executives look ahead to what's in store at SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo 2023.

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Teleste and Antronix

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This post is sponsored by Antronix and Teleste Intercept.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Cable-Tec Expo 2023 is coming to Denver, Colo., Oct. 16-18, to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The event brings together the broadband telecommunications industry to spotlight and discuss the industry’s latest technological advancements and innovations. Antronix and Teleste Intercept could not be more excited about the prospects of the show and the future of the broadband industry.

SmartBrief sat down with Antronix President and CEO Neil Tang and Hanno Narjus, CEO of Teleste Intercept and SVP of Teleste Networks, to talk about what’s ahead for the companies at Cable-Tec Expo. For the first time, the companies will have a joint booth at the event where executives will be on hand to discuss the new Intercept product line, end-to-end network considerations for fiber-focused operators and answer questions for those looking at ESD and PON deployments.

SmartBrief: What emerging technology trends do you anticipate, and what kind of dialogues are you keen to partake in at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2023?

Narjus: As we are poised at the precipice of the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2023, it’s clear that we are witnessing a watershed moment in the cable industry. The imminent deployment of the DOCSIS 4.0 network infrastructure marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of cable, enhancing the industry’s capacity to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s broadband subscribers. We are also witnessing significant disruptors in FTTx network solutions, specifically, the emergence of highly compact, modular and economical Open PON systems propelled by rural broadband funding initiatives.

Tang: I agree Hanno, it is particularly noteworthy to draw attention to the striking parallels between distributed PON and distributed access architecture. I think we’ve both heard from our MSO partners about the important benefits of distributed architectures and it seems that FTTx approaches are also now appreciating the advantages and flexibility of moving processing into the access network. Despite their architectural similarities, these technologies will serve varied environments, encompassing vibrant urban hubs as well as rural settings. DOCSIS 4.0 promises ample capacity to serve subscriber data demands through the next decade and beyond, but we also remain focused on the future potential of FTTx for our MSO partners, and are committed to providing those solutions as they become increasingly viable for the cable community and the future of broadband.


SmartBrief: What aspects would you like to emphasize for operators and industry stakeholders visiting your booth at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2023?

Tang: This year at Cable-Tec Expo we’re extremely proud to have a joint booth presentation with Teleste. We wanted to showcase our strategic alliance and particularly the remarkable synergies between our companies’ portfolios and the extent to which we are aligned in our commitment to today’s broadband needs as well as the next generation of innovative solutions which have been the hallmarks of our respective companies. I think our joint presentation this year will be striking in the depth and breadth of solutions that we are introducing or enhancing this year. Our product managers are gearing up to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of our EDGE PON platform, which we believe is unique in its focus on modularity, flexibility and practicality for rural operators looking for the best time to market. Our Open PON portfolio and 2.0 GHz passives and Teleste’s 1.8 GHz amplifiers, distributed access products, as well as NMS, present a comprehensive toolbox for operators seeking a diversity of right sized solutions for broadband networks in both urban and rural landscapes, encompassing greenfield and brownfield projects alike.

The unique combination of a deep legacy in the evolution of broadband and the institutional expertise to deliver reliable solutions backed by the deepest experience, together with refreshing and targeted innovations in DOCSIS 4.0 and FTTx that are designed with the operational challenges of a broadband operator in mind, is a highly valuable mix of capabilities that we are confident will be even more critical to our partners throughout this new and important phase of broadband’s evolution and continuing dominance in data delivery.

Narjus: We’re looking forward to this year’s Cable-Tec as operators are preparing themselves to deploy ESD and DOCSIS 4.0. I’m guessing we will hear more about the operational aspirations and how to solve the industry’s remaining objectives for deploying the next generation of cable networks – advancing the remote management and augmenting the automation capabilities of network devices. As the world’s leader in remote device management, and having a deep appreciation for the potential of broadband, needless to say, we’re very much looking forward to making our contributions to these objectives and bringing cable outside plant to 21st century managed infrastructure.


SmartBrief: The term “innovations” has been invoked quite frequently. Does the emphasis solely lie on product advancements, or is there a broader perspective at play?

Narjus: Yes, indeed, when we speak of innovations, we’re  referring to smartness in everything we do. Consider, for instance, the potential in manufacturing automation and associated volume scaling benefits enabled by smart devices. And these innovations enable advancements in environmental and social sustainability arenas. The cable industry stands at the threshold of an era that demands an unprecedented scale in production and deployment, a challenge that necessitates rethinking some established practices in order to meet those demands.  We’re committed to innovation across all of the value chain that make up the whole – all driven by the same goal of streamlined, automated, data-driven quality management – whether it’s associated with product manufacturing or network deployments and maintenance in the field.

Please visit the joint Antronix- Teleste Intercept at Booth #1601 and follow our updates.

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