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Q&A: How Delta keeps the needs of small businesses in mind with the SkyBonus program

In this interview, Delta Vice President of Sales Operations and Sales Development Kristen Shovlin discusses what makes the SkyBonus program a smart choice for smaller companies.

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Q&A: How Delta keeps the needs of small businesses in mind with the SkyBonus program

Delta Air Lines

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Airline rewards programs can be a great value for business travelers and their companies, but smaller operations may feel like their options are limited or may not know where to begin when it comes to choosing a program that fits their needs. Delta Air Lines designed its SkyBonus program with small- to medium-sized companies in mind.  The SkyBonus program comprises a rewards structure that emphasizes flexibility and works for companies with as few as five employees.


SmartBrief interviewed Delta Vice President of Sales Operations and Development Kristen Shovlin about the importance of flexibility to today’s business traveler and what sets the SkyBonus program apart.

How does the SkyBonus program cater to small and medium-sized companies? What differentiates the program from one designed for use by larger corporations and from the SME programs of Delta’s competitors?

At Delta, we understand every organization has unique needs — especially small and medium-sized companies. We structure our SkyBonus program so companies may redeem SkyBonus points on both flights and business travel rewards, like upgrades and access to Delta Sky Club. While competitors may only allow customers to redeem points on one airline, Delta allows customers to earn and redeem on our partners Air France, KLM, and Alitalia. And beginning April 1, customers can redeem their points on Aeromexico flights as well.

The SkyBonus program can be used by companies with as few as five employees. How are the business travel needs of small companies unique?

Small companies have to make smart decisions when it comes to balancing the benefits of business travel and managing their travel budget effectively. SkyBonus is an affordable rewards program; there is no cost to enroll and small businesses are eligible for the program with minimum spends of only $5,000 annually on travel. Delta also provides incentives to earn additional points for customers, like completing the SkyBonus University Courses. These added-value points allow small companies to see the rewards of SkyBonus quicker!

How has consumer demand for customization and flexibility affected business travel services? What innovations does Delta provide that allow for this flexibility?

Providing options and flexibility to business travelers has become increasingly important, which is why SkyBonus points are transferable, unlike traditional awards programs. Meaning they can be used by anyone the company chooses and for whichever benefits they’d like.

How does partnering with Delta, through SkyBonus or one of your other programs for business travel, benefit both the company and the individual traveler?

Through SkyBonus, an individual employee can earn miles in the SkyMiles program on his/her individual account and SkyBonus points for the company at the same time. This way, employees are earning for their personal travel while helping the company earn more points.

As Vice President of Sales Operations and Development for Delta Air Lines, Kristen Shovlin leads a global team focused on growing premium revenue and enhancing the B2B experience for Sales customers while driving sales strategy and market development. Named one of the 25 Most Influential Business Travel Executives by Business Travel News, Shovlin is known for being a true champion of the customer and has led advances in technology and customer support, strengthening Delta’s relationship with key corporate and travel agency partners.