All Articles Marketing Quarterly recap: SmartBrief's top retail news and trends

Quarterly recap: SmartBrief’s top retail news and trends

Read about the biggest news and trends from SmartBrief's Q1 coverage of the retail industry.

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Exterior of the Amazon Go store

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As the first quarter of this year came to a close, SmartBrief’s retail readers had Amazon on the brain, according to our Q1 list of the top 25 retail stories. From speculation about where Amazon will build its highly-anticipated HQ2 to Amazon’s popular Super Bowl commercial, readers were eager for news about what the innovative e-commerce firm was up to. With moves like the launch of its new checkout-free Amazon Go store, it’s no surprise that SmartBrief’s retail audience flocked to all sorts of news about Amazon to learn how their own businesses could get a leg up for the year.

Amazon’s purchase of grocer Whole Foods was also a hot topic among readers in the first quarter, with stories detailing the e-commerce giant’s plans for the food retailer performing well among SmartBrief’s retail subscribers, including changes to rules governing shelf space at Whole Foods. Other moves aimed at efficiency in brick-and-mortar stores also made the list of the top 25 retail stories of the quarter, including Target’s plan to create a simpler shopping experience and Kohl’s announcement that the retailer will test sharing store space with discount grocer ALDI.

News about Walmart’s strategy that combines automation and a human touch from employees also proved popular among SmartBrief’s readers, covering both in-store efficiencies and innovative use of retail technology.

Retail readers also found news covering social commerce useful in the first quarter. Adidas’ virtual reality strategy focused around an unboxing video drew readers, as well as Nike making Snapchat’s first sale and Home Depot delving into interactive Pinterest pins of virtual rooms.

So what does all this mean as 2018 unfolds? Download the full list of SmartBrief’s top 25 retail stories from Q1 to learn more about these trends and others that will take your business through the second quarter. And be sure to look out for our Q2 roundup, coming in the summer.