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Readers’ views: Foreign-language instruction and the use of technology

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SmartBrief on EdTech recently polled readers about the state of foreign-language education in their schools and districts, asking if they feel students are being adequately prepared to join today’s global workforce. While nearly 48% said their language program is in need of improvement, the remainder of respondents said their school or district had either an adequate or a robust foreign-language program.

Respondents were again divided about how well technology tools are integrated into foreign-language instruction, with just under 14% saying that technology is fully integrated in the foreign-language classroom and close to 17% saying that technology is not used at all in foreign-language learning.

For those respondents using technology to enhance foreign-language instruction, software programs were the top choice with about two-thirds saying such programs are in use, while just under one-third said online courses are part of the lessons. However, other tech-based activities such as blogging and videoconferencing with native speakers or students in other countries were reportedly little used by our readers.

Here is the breakdown of results:

Does your school or district place enough emphasis on foreign-language education to prepare students for a global workforce?

  • Our foreign-language program is in need of improvement — 47.83%
  • Yes, we have a robust foreign-language program — 27.54%
  • We have an adequate foreign-language program — 24.64%

How effectively is technology used in your school or district to facilitate foreign-language learning?

  • Very little technology is used in foreign-language instruction — 35.59%
  • Some technology is used in foreign-language instruction — 33.9%
  • Technology is not part of foreign-language instruction — 16.95%
  • Technology is fully integrated into foreign-language instruction — 13.56%

What type of technology is most used in your school or district to enhance foreign-language instruction?

  • Software programs — 66.67%
  • Online courses — 30.56%
  • Videoconferencing with native speakers and classes in other countries — 2.78%
  • Blogging — 0%

Katharine Haber is an education editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.