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Career-Technical Education

As part of SmartBrief Education’s coverage of career and technical education and Path to Workforce, we’ve teamed with ACTE to share articles written by Educators in Action.

The most effective school leaders are those who are the most effective communicators. It is my belief that a CTE center newsletter is one of the most powerful tools I, as a CTE counselor, can have in communicating and advocating the rigor and relevance of CTE to my surrounding community.

Each nine weeks for the past 16 years, I have been editing and distributing a newsletter for my CTE center. The instructors send me articles and photos detailing their classroom activities, and I share that information with the public. Why do we  take the time out of our busy schedules to do this? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Make positive parent contacts
  • Keep in touch with academic educators
  • Reach out to business and industry
  • Network with community leaders, including senators and representatives
  • Highlight CTE student accomplishments
  • Publicize upcoming CTE events
  • Attract volunteers

After creating our school newsletter, it is published on our CTE Center’s website and emailed to our Center’s various email groups, including parents, business and industry contacts, academic educators and legislators.

Our Center has had much success through the efforts made in creating our CTE newsletter. If you would like to consider starting your own CTE newsletter, below is a PowerPoint detailing how to achieve that goal. Also, I am including one of my Center’s newsletters to serve as an example.

Resources: Starting your own CTE Newsletter and Alcorn Career and Technology Times

Jennifer Koon is the 2015 ACTE Region IV Career Guidance Award winner.