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Restaurant SmartBrief readers support food safety bill

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SmartPulse — our weekly reader poll in Restaurant SmartBrief — tracks feedback from restaurant owners and managers about current trends and issues.

Last week’s poll question: What do you think of the Food Safety Modernization Act passed by the Senate?

  • I’m in favor — it’s necessary that we strengthen food safety regulations — 56.03%
  • I’m against it — it gives the FDA too much power and doesn’t address the bigger issues. — 36.17%
  • I have no opinion. — 7.8%

For SmartBrief coverage of the Food Safety Modernization Act last week, check out our posts “Senate votes to give FDA more power with passage of food safety bill” and “What the food safety bill means for restaurants.” We’ve also rounded up the news in the aftermath of the Senate vote:

  • The Washington Post examines which organizations hired lobbying groups to represent their interests in the bill.
  • USA TODAY offers a consumer-focused Q-and-A about the bill.
  • In a commentary on Forbes’ website, Gregory Conko discusses why he thinks the bill won’t lead to a safer food supply.
  • Huffington Post’s slide show takes a look at the biggest food safety incidents of the decade.
  • Scientific American elaborates on the science behind the bill.

What are your thoughts on the bill, now that the news has had time to settle?