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Restaurants encourage consumers to reach for whole grains

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On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, Healthy Dining and several of Healthy Dining’s restaurant partners will join the Whole Grain Council’s annual Whole Grain Sampling Day (WGSD). Along with the participating restaurants, a medley of other foodservice entities including grocery stores, schools, workplaces and universities will also be participating. This celebration will give Americans the delicious opportunity to sample and taste the wonderful flavors of whole grains. Whole grains are an important component of a healthy day and are filled with important antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Healthy Dining Finder is promoting WGSD to consumers and restaurants via blogs on our website,, in our e-newsletter, as well as through promotion of whole-grain recipes via both Twitter and Pinterest. We’re also promoting WGSD to restaurants on and in conversation when working directly with our restaurants.

Here are some examples from some of the restaurants participating:

Menu Offerings

Denny’s is delighted to show their support for Whole Grain Sampling Day by highlighting items throughout each meal of the day, such as their new Fit Fare® Fruity 7 Grain French Toast Breakfast.

“Our guests are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives when they walk through our door,” said Chris Nichols, Director, Core Menu and Brand Partnerships for Denny’s, “And as ‘America’s Diner’, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of dishes that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition to satisfy their needs.”

Social Media

California Pizza Kitchen will be using social media to promote their whole grain pizza dough option, which is just one of the many healthy and alternative selections they provide their guests.

“We offer several whole grain items on our menu and we are excited to utilize this opportunity to partner with the Whole Grains Council and Healthy Dining to promote these options on Whole Grain Sampling Day,” said Dave Dodson, Vice President of Internal and Digital Communications for California Pizza Kitchen.


Rubio’s will be celebrating by offering their Facebook fans $1 off any burrito served on a whole grain tortilla or $1 off any two taco plate served on stone-ground corn tortillas.

“Rubio’s whole grain tortillas are designed to complement our chef-crafted tacos and burritos. Whole Grain Sampling Day is a great way for Rubio’s to inform guests about our whole grain options and show our ongoing commitment to providing quality ingredients our guests feel good about eating,” said Ralph Rubio, founder of Rubio’s.

Customer Wellness Programs

Whole Grains Sampling Day fits in perfectly with our Health Kwest Health Competition Challenge by bringing awareness to our health options and the benefits of incorporating whole grains into every meal,” said Jackie Heath, Social Media & PR Marketing Manager for Genghis Grill.

Genghis Grill is currently in the middle of their 60-day Health Kwest, a customer-focused challenge aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles while incorporating heart healthy recipes and ingredients, such as their whole grain offering of brown rice.

For restaurants looking to participate this year — it’s not too late! Visit the Whole Grains Council website and scroll down to 3 Simple Steps for Sampling Day Partners. Here you’ll find an online WGSD Partners form, as well as ideas, inspiration, and downloadable resources to get you started!

Anita Jones-Mueller is the founder of Healthy Dining.