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Retain and attract talented, engaged team members with this simple shift

Employees want to be treated with respect, and yet this occurs far too infrequently. How can we change this state of affairs?

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The quality of many work environments around the globe isn’t very good.

The frustration and stress most employees experience at work quash hope, discretionary energy, well-being, cooperation and performance. SHRM’s 2015 job-satisfaction study found that 72% of employees believe the most important factor in their job satisfaction is “respectful treatment of all employees at all levels,” yet only 33% experience that respect.

We need less divisiveness, less dismissiveness, and fewer demeaning words and actions from leaders today. We need leaders who create respectful workplaces and meaningful work that serves others, not themselves. One simple shift can transform the quality of your work culture. Watch this short video episode to learn what that shift is and how to make that shift with your team. align:center

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