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Searching for low-cost ways to boost morale

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Nearly 115 SmartBrief on Workforce readers weighed in on last week’s SmartPulse question: What tools are you using to improve workplace morale?

  • Involving employees – 29%
  • Increased disclosure – 19%
  • Recognition programs – 19%
  • None – 18%
  • Alternatives to layoffs – 12%
  • Other – 3%

There’s no doubt that stress is taking its toll in today’s workplaces. Good managers are looking for ways to keep their people engaged and productive, despite all the glum news.  Fortunately, as you’ve discovered, the best methods are also the cheapest: open communication and simple recognition. Games and goofy team-building exercises rarely help in the long run. But if you involve your employees in the hard decisions, they may come up with just the solution that helps you avoid painful layoffs.

If you’re looking for ideas for improving morale, check out this report by Tammy Smith, courtesy of Career Fitness Coach blogger Malcolm Munro.

How are you working on boosting the spirits of your staff? Share your own low-cost tips here, and they could appear in SmartBrief on Workforce.