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Selling social media upstairs

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Who better to trust on the topic of getting social media buy-in from executives than Gary Spangler, the 29-year veteran and corporate e-Manager at DuPont? If Spangler can move the social media ball down the field at his multinational 208-year-old behemoth of a company, so can you.

As part of his Online Marketing Summit presentation this week, he offered these five tips:

  1. Educate yourself.  Become an expert. Learn everything you can about social media and how the different channels operate. To further integrate into the space, network, join WOMMA [and, we might add, sign up for SmartBrief on Social Media to keep abreast of developments in the field each day]. Listen. Lurk. Follow your competitors.
  2. Start a pilot test.  Limit your scope at this phase.  The goals are to show modest but tangible success and make social media less scary internally.
  3. Socialize your results across the company.  Encourage anyone who shows enthusiasm.
  4. Sell social media to stakeholders one on one. Start the conversation on an individual level before trying to convene a group. Show them what your competitors are doing.  A related suggestion from Chris Baggot at Jay Baer’s outstanding OMS session: carry “back pocket data” so you have stats at the ready when you run into people in the hall.
  5. Enlist outside experts, but don’t give up your brand. This will reassure management that your brand is safe and will not be hijacked.

Image credit, calvio, via iStock