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SIAL America brings a new kind of food and beverage industry event to Las Vegas

Las Vegas will host its first ever Food & Beverage Industry Week March 21-24, featuring the debut of SIAL America – the only generalist food and beverage event and trade show in the US. Colleen Truman of Emerald’s Global Food Group discusses what sets the show apart from other food events.

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SIAL America

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In-person conferences and events are returning in full force this year, and food and beverage professionals have a new event to add to their calendars. Manufacturers, retailers, restaurant operators and distributors will gather at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 22-24 for the inaugural SIAL America show. The SIAL Network has more than 50 years of experience in creating events that foster connections in the food industry, and this newest addition to the SIAL Network will offer opportunities for US food and beverage brands to learn from industry experts from around the world. Colleen Truman of Emerald’s Global Food Group, which is overseeing SIAL America’s debut event, discusses what sets the show apart from other food events and what attendees can expect to see when they arrive at the show floor in Las Vegas.

What was the driving force behind bringing the SIAL show to the US?         

With over 50 years experience in delivering food events that provide critical business connections, inspiring content and an unrivalled export platform, SIAL America will unite those that are shaping the food and beverage industry both in America and globally to connect, learn and grow.

What can attendees expect at the SIAL America show? What makes SIAL different from other food and beverage events? 

SIAL America will unite the entire food community and showcase all food and beverage categories to key importers, food service companies, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. The show brings a unique offering to the US with a comprehensive display of all the key food and beverage categories from around the world underpinned by the celebrated SIAL focus on excellence and inspiration.

How does SIAL focus on helping attendees and exhibitors build relationships through its matchmaking platform?

The SIAL America matchmaking platform allows attendees and exhibitors to search for product categories and services that match their needs. Once a match is made, an in-person meeting is set during the expo to ensure both the exhibitor and attendee are making the best use of their time while in attendance.

What inspired the decision to hold the show in Las Vegas during the city’s Food & Beverage Industry Week? How does the show being co-located with these events benefit attendees?

Las Vegas will host four food and beverage expos for the first ever Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week, including Emerald’s SIAL America and International Pizza Expo along with The Bar & Restaurant Expo and the World of Tea Conference & Expo. Brining these key industries together will foster in-person connections in the food and beverage industry like never before.

Register for SIAL America todayuse code SBFREE to register for free. And check out the list of education sessions and the exhibitor directory to plan your visit.

Colleen Truman is vice president and leads the Global Food Group at Emerald. She oversees the international expos and media for five brands, including the newest expo and partnership, SIAL America. She has over 15 years of experience connecting brands with their best customers by building data-driven sales and marketing strategies in the face of intense competitive pressure and rapidly changing market conditions. Colleen is passionate about solving problems, cross-functional collaboration, and empowering others through important work. Colleen and her family live in Louisville, Ky.