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SmartBrief report: How retailers can fill in the gaps of today’s customer experience

Consumers have a lot of demands in today's digital shopping environment, but sometimes meeting them is easier said than done. Where does that leave retailers? A new report from SmartBrief found out.

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How retailers can fill in the gaps of today’s customer experience


Digital technology is changing the consumer landscape at a breakneck speed, and retailers have to pull out everything they’ve got in their arsenals to keep up. But sometimes that is easier said than done, especially when we consider what consumers want to experience when they’re shopping and the complexities of the logistics involved with delivering those experiences.

So how can retailers respond? SmartBrief revealed the answers in a recent report on the retail customer experience — one of the biggest focal points for retailers in today’s consumer environment.

“Nearly 40% of retailers made investments in enhancing the customer experience last year,” according to the report, which addresses these questions:

What is the reality of today’s retail customer experience?

From the biggest industry players like Amazon, Walmart and Target to smaller specialty chains, the report reveals what the shoppers of today’s now economy experience when they head to a store or shop online, particularly when it comes to unifying different shopping channels.

What do shoppers want out of the customer experience?

At the end of the day, consumers want shopping to be personal, and they want it to be available to them in whatever channel they choose. The report breaks down what this looks like for millennials, Gen Z and other demographics and digs into the specifics of what it means to give shoppers a personalized, multichannel customer experience.

How are retailers filling in the gaps between customer-facing aspects of the shopping journey and behind the scenes?

Bringing retail businesses up to speed to give shoppers the experience they demand can seem like a herculean task, which retailers have to manage. The report covers the realities of this complex, behind-the-scenes aspect of the customer experience and how retailers are finding ways to make it work for their businesses. Additionally, the report breaks down the top five technologies affecting today’s retail customer experience.

Want to know more? Download the report to keep reading about enhancing the retail customer journey inside the store and beyond.