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SmartBrief’s top media and technology stories from Q1 2018

These are the stories that dominated media and tech coverage in Q1

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Facebook, Amazon, Google and Martin Sorrell were the names on every media and technology publications’ tongue in the first quarter of 2018. From the seriousness of user privacy to hilarious Super Bowl creative, SmartBrief readers were clicking on stories about the ever-evolving consumer-connected technology and media consumption space — and what it is going to look like in the future.

SmartBrief’s top 25 stories in the media and technology space for the first quarter also show the socially-conscious side of its consumers. Stories that highlighted WPP’s gender pay gap and an anonymous ad agency executive’s thoughts on discrimination against females in her field were clicked by readers, along with those who wanted to watch an ad featuring KFC’s first female Colonel Sanders.

Gen Z also piqued the interest of SmartBrief readers, many of whom are trying to figure out exactly how content will best be marketed to this youngest generation of Americans.

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