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TCEA 2016: Tech Showcase roundup, part 2

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Yesterday we profiled some of the technologies that were on display at this year’s TCEA conference in Austin, Texas. Today, we bring you part two of our special edition of Tech Showcase, TCEA 2016.

Bloomz is an app that uses social media functions to help teachers and parents better communicate. Teachers can share photos, news about class activities, important alerts, and reminders about upcoming assignments and deadlines. Parents can use the integrated class calendar to coordinate events, field trips and parent-teacher conferences. All communication is private and secure.

Promethean debuted its new ActivWall system, a widescreen, interactive display designed to support collaborative activities. ActivWall comes with whiteboard capability, Web browser and features for polling and notes capture. The system also includes a DLP solid-state projector, built-in speakers, wireless mirroring system and Promethean’s LaserView Technology.

PlanetHS is designed to help schools better manage extracurricular activities. The platform supports live streaming, student portfolios, electronic payments, data integration and analysis, monitored and audible communications, among other features. It also includes functions for fundraising as well as home-school communications.

Knomadix lets educators convert static content such as PDFs and videos into fully interactive, dynamic content. Teachers can create customized interactive worksheets; multi-modal gamified content; videos with embedded activities and assessments, and virtual manipulatives.

EXO U introduced its new BYOD teaching platform, Ormi. The system includes tools for classroom management, instruction and collaboration. Teachers and students – with permission – can share content to individuals, groups, a central display, or the entire class. Teachers can create lessons and send instructional content from any device to any device. Ormi works with or without internet access.

Vernier launched LabQuest Stream, a wireless and USB interface designed to let collect data from multiple platforms and devices, including smartphones, Chromebooks and computers. The device is compatible with more than 50 Venier sensors as well.

PresenceLearning and Fuel Education have partnered to provide schools with access to an expanded online network of certified speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, and mental health and behavioral health professionals. PresenceLearning teachers and therapists work with students, live and online, via video conferencing. Schools enroll and access the live therapy sessions through PEAK, Fuel’s personalized learning platform.

Epson displayed its DC-21 document camera. The device, designed for education, comes with HD 1080p resolution, a large imaging sensor, 10x and 12x optical zoom, HDMI connectivity, microscope adapter and built-in microphone.

Pearson displayed several solutions, including SchoolNet, GradPoint, NNAT3 and Review360. NNAT3 Schoolnet has added new tools for creating assessments and lesson plans. The NNAT3, the third edition of Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT), includes new content, updated normative data, and a new online interface designed to support assessments via tablet devices. GradPoint has updated its online and blended learning platform with a learning management system, digital learning resources and new features for customization.

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