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Today’s Buzz2009 & webcast

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Buzz2009 is taking place in Washington, D.C., today, and it’s SOLD OUT.

Missed the FREE webinar? You can still catch it online in the archives: Buzz2009.

One session of this summit on social media for trade associations on the magic of viral marketing, led by Guy Kawasaki and Andy Sernovitz — is free and open to a wider business audience (that’s you!) via a webcast titled “From Brainstorm to Firestorm: Creating an Environment for Viral Marketing Success.” This webcast begins today at noon EST.

If you’re interested in watching the webcast, but aren’t available to participate in real time you can still get the goods. When you register for FREE, just check the box for the archived version. The seminar will be available for access at your convenience for two weeks.

If at any time you have questions for our speakers, feel free to tweet them using the hashtag #buzz2009.