All Articles Food Top 10: ALDI's new prototype, Hormel absorbs Justin's, Amazon delivers meals in NYC

Top 10: ALDI’s new prototype, Hormel absorbs Justin’s, Amazon delivers meals in NYC

Food retail news and one culinary news story made the top five most-read stories this week, with a story on ALDI's new higher-end store prototype taking the top spot. Take a look at the most recent top-clicked list.

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Food retail news and one culinary news story made the top five most-read stories this week in SmartBrief on Food & Beverage, with a story on ALDI‘s new higher-end store prototype taking the top spot. The Germany-based discount supermarket chain is trading its no-frills style for a neater look and cafe that will sell fair-trade coffee and fresh smoothies. Almost 1,900 stores will be converted to the new prototype over the next three years.


Runner up was a culinary story on a new type of caramel, and third was news that Hormel Foods will acquire nut butter brand Justin’s for an undisclosed sum.

Rounding out the rest of the top five stories was Whole Foods‘ announcement that the first 365 store set to open in California in a couple weeks will include a robotic kiosk called teaBot. The kiosk is one of several tech touches the retailer will launch with the new concept, including a wine app called Banquet created especially for the store. Also, news about what the overtime rules mean for restaurants was well-read.

Stories based in New York City were also prominent this week, with news of Amazon‘s move to team up with 350 NYC restaurants to launch a delivery service that’s free to customers but comes with a steep price for eateries. The addition of NYC and Dallas this week brings the number of markets to 10 for the service, which reportedly charges the restaurant 27.5% on each order.

Another well-read NYC-focused story included news that the iconic Four Seasons on the East Side of Manhattan will close after 57 years and auction off everything from furniture and silverware to what’s left in the wine cellar was well-read. The eatery served as one of the city’s top power lunch spots since its opening in 1959.

Check out the complete list of the top 10 most-read stories this week:

  1. ALDI aims for higher end with new store prototype
  2. Toasting sugar at low heat creates unique caramel hybrid
  3. Hormel to add Justin’s brand to portfolio
  4. 365 by Whole Foods to feature new in-store tech
  5. How restaurants will cope with new overtime rules
  6. Amazon leaps into New York City meal delivery
  7. Taco Bell to try on new looks at 4 Calif. stores
  8. Four Seasons in NYC to close this summer after 57 years
  9. Fresh made za’atar is a brighter, bolder experience
  10. Chick-fil-A found fans fast in New York City


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