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Top 10: Business successes, strategies drew food readers this week

See what stories about successes in the food business and business strategies drew food and bev readers this week.

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MOD Pizza -- Business successes, strategies drew food readers this week

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Stories about gauging the successes of food businesses were popular among readers of SmartBrief’s food and beverage newsletters this week. Readers clicked on a story about how MOD Pizza’s co-founder defines success by the company’s number of employees, rather than its revenue, and they also clicked on an analysis of why Amazon hasn’t come to dominate grocery the way it’s come to dominate other retail categories. The success of Hippeas’ new chickpea puffs also drew the interest of readers this week, as did a Publix cashier’s reflection on a 17-year career spent building relationships with customers.

Food and beverage readers also clicked on stories involving companies’ business strategies this week. ConAgra’s acquisition of Frontera Foods drew the most clicks, with Tropicana’s new probiotic juice line and Whole Foods’ reported stake in Instacart also proving popular among readers. McDonald’s increased focus on content creation also made for a popular story among SmartBrief readers.

Check out more info on all these stories and read the rest of the week’s most-clicked news items:

  1. ConAgra acquires Frontera Foods
  2. New labor laws put restaurants at a disadvantage, CKE chief exec says
  3. MOD Pizza defines success differently
  4. Why Amazon hasn’t taken a commanding grocery lead
  5. Tropicana to debut probiotic juice line
  6. Hippeas chickpea puffs off to meteoric start
  7. Sources: Whole Foods buys a stake in Instacart
  8. Authentic ingredients are key to Cantonese char siu ribs
  9. Publix cashier enjoys a career built on relationships
  10. McDonald’s aims to create 5,000 pieces of content in 2016


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