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Top 10: Corn Nuts surge, BK’s Impossible Whopper, H-E-B’s strategy

Burger King is focused on breakfast, plant-based Impossible Whopper to grow sales

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Burger King's plant-based Impossible Whopper drew traffic in test market.

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Kraft Heinz credits a social media marketing campaign for a 12% surge in Corn Nuts sales and the tale proved popular with SmartBrief’s food-and-beverage readers this week.

Some other CPG stories also ranked high on the most-read list, including the soaring popularity of Mondelez-owned Tate’s Bake Shop brand and Frito-Lay’s reveal of the year’s biggest snacking week.

Restaurants also made news that won readers, including Burger King which announced plans to focus further on growing its breakfast business. The chain also revealed a surge in foot traffic at restaurants in St. Louis, Mo., that are the first to serve the plant-based Impossible Whopper. Church’s Chicken’s test of expedited employee pay to boost retention also  drew in readers.

Retail stories also made the list, including H.E. Butt Grocery’s strategy for investing in people and using technology to create new jobs and improve the quality of employees’ lives.

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