All Articles Food Top 10: Kraft's Salad Frosting, Walmart's plans, McDonald's campus sale

Top 10: Kraft’s Salad Frosting, Walmart’s plans, McDonald’s campus sale

Kraft's latest condiment offering captured readers' attention this week, as did stories from Walmart and McDonald's.

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Top 10: Kraft’s Salad Frosting, Walmart’s plans, McDonald’s campus sale

Kraft Heinz

The news that Kraft is bringing Salad Frosting to store shelves topped this week’s list of most-read stories. The product, which brings the brand’s Classic Ranch Dressing to a squeezable pouch format, aims to encourage kids to eat more vegetables.

In other CPG news, General Mills is rolling out a Mermaid Cereal featuring corn puffs in the shapes of tails and stars. Stories from Ferrero, Green Giant and Procter & Gamble also ranked on the week’s top 10 list.

In the food retail sector, a pair of Walmart stories caught readers’ eyes. The retailer recently shared new plans on the technology and delivery fronts, as well as information about a new corporate campus. Readers were also drawn to the news that Walmart is changing its employees’ uniforms.

On the restaurant side, readers were interested in the news of McDonald’s sale of its former Oak Brook, Ill. campus, as well as a story about how Generation Z’s dining preferences are having an effect on restaurant menus.

Read the entire Top 10:

  1. Kraft debuts Salad Frosting
  2. Walmart uses its annual meeting to share new plans
  3. General Mills introduces Mermaid Cereal
  4. Ferrero moves to compete in US candy arena
  5. Kraft Heinz swiftly sells out of “EdChup”
  6. McDonald’s sells 80-acre former campus in Oak Brook, Ill.
  7. Will Gen Z’s dining preferences reshape restaurant menus?
  8. Walmart to change employees’ uniforms
  9. Green Giant, Ocean Spray among brands releasing new products
  10. P&G piloting refillable Olay container

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