All Articles Food Top 10: New Chobani exec, M&M flavors, Denny's tweets

Top 10: New Chobani exec, M&M flavors, Denny’s tweets

Top 10: New Chobani exec, M&M flavors, Denny's tweets

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Chobani named a new chief operating officer

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Chobani’s decision this week to hire CEO Tim Brown away from Nestle Waters North America was the most popular read among SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week. Brown, who will take over as Chobani’s chief operating officer later this month, spent nearly 30 years in various roles at Nestle.

New product news also resonated, including PepsiCo’s launch of a sparkling lemonade line and new IZZE-branded Fusion flavors, and M&M’s introduction of a Strawberry Nut version of the candy. Another product, low-calorie Halo Top ice cream, made the most-read list with a tale of brand building without the use of paid advertising.

Retailers and restaurants were a priority with readers this week. Meijer’s expansion and renovation plans and Kroger’s long-term strategy proved popular, as did the viral success of a sweet tweet by Denny’s and a new recipe for buttermilk chicken tenders from McDonald’s.

Read the entire top 10 list:

  1. Nestle vet to take COO role at Chobani
  2. PepsiCo introduces 2 new beverage lines
  3. Denny’s wins Twitter with successful syrup tweet
  4. M&M’s channels PB&J with new Strawberry Nut flavor
  5. Meijer to add 7 new stores, revamp 22 in $375M plan
  6. Even after $100M in sales, Noosa co-founder tweaks recipes in home kitchen
  7. Kroger sees success in playing the long game
  8. Halo Top sales soar despite a lack of advertising
  9. Hershey to launch occasion-themed Appreciations line
  10. McDonald’s tries a new chicken tender recipe in N.C.


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