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The top cybersecurity news sources you should be reading

Each day, SmartBrief editors aggregate cybersecurity news from dozens of leading sources. Here are the top sources that you should know about.

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The top cybersecurity news sources you should be reading

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Staying on top of cybersecurity trends and threats is almost a full-time job. The industry expands every day as new applications come online for the internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

But cybercriminals are innovating, too. Not a day passes without news of a major ransomware attack or phishing scheme. Businesses large and small now must learn the intricacies of data breaches and the dark web, negotiating with hackers, buying cyberinsurance and training employees on the best cyberhygiene.

Here are 9 cybersecurity news sources that we regularly include in SmartBrief on Cybersecurity, our daily rundown of the most important cybersecurity industry news.


SC Media

Owned by the CyberRisk Alliance, SC Media has been around since 1989 with a target audience of information security executives. It offers daily posts on the latest cybercrimes and their implications for the business world. SC Media has two digital magazines for US and UK audiences, a daily newsletter, white papers, podcasts and ebooks. It offers in-depth security analysis, independent product reviews, holds the annual SC Awards program and SC Media Risksec Conference.


Security Magazine

Security Magazine has monthly print and digital magazines that examine various security news and issues including cybersecurity. Security Magazine offers daily news, a newsletter, blogs, in-depth analyses for professionals and career development resources, including job listings and an archive of courses. It sponsors the annual Security 500 conferences.


Dark Reading

Dark Reading provides a deeper dive into the technology of cybersecurity and assesses threats and vulnerabilities. It has daily news, daily and weekly newsletters, videos, webinars and in-depth discussions about cybersecurity across the board. It also includes a strong social media presence with chatrooms, polls and interactive features. This year, Dark Reading incorporated Security Now, another top website, as part of the Informatech brand that includes the BlackHat conferences.



This independent news site stays on top of the major cybersecurity news of the day, including cloud security, vulnerabilities and malware. Threatpost’s stories are written in a straightforward style without a lot of the cybersecurity jargon you might find on other sites. It also has a daily newsletter and podcasts for a more in-depth look at issues.


CISO Magazine

CISO Magazine is a monthly digital magazine, annual subscription $129, with a website that features daily news that looks at cybersecurity from a global perspective. It has news about startups, governance issues and data privacy. CISO Magazine is affiliated with EC-Council, which offers cybersecurity training and consulting.



This computer-help website, founded in 2004, is a hub for answering computer, security and technical questions. BleepingComputer also includes a heavy dose of cyberhygiene and information on how to deal with cyberattacks. Besides daily news, BleepingComputer offers more hands-on assistance, including some decryption, virus-removal guides, courses, tutorials and a free forum. The site is free but requires registration.


Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity magazine is a free British-based digital magazine that takes a global look at cybersecurity issues. In addition to daily news, it offers podcasts, white papers, webinars, a business directory, online summits and regional global conferences.


Krebs on Security

This daily security blog is run by journalist Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post reporter. He also is the author of “Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime – from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door.” Though he doesn’t present a comprehensive look at cybersecurity news, Krebs is considered one of the most influential voices and thought leaders in the space. Krebs uses his investigative reporting skills to delve into the tactics hackers use — and has become a target more than once.


Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier runs another highly regarded cybersecurity blogger. His website has a blog, links for his numerous books, essays and talks.

Schneier is a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. He also serves on the boards of  the Tor Project, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and AccessNow, and is an advisory board member of both and the Electronic Privacy Information Center.


Honorable Mentions

There is a wealth of cybersecurity news embedded in other magazines and websites. ZDNet is a business technology website that includes cybersecurity blog Zero Day. The blog publishes daily posts about a full range of cybersecurity issues.

The technology magazine Wired has a good section on cybersecurity. And though it’s a business magazine, Forbes offers robust coverage of cybersecurity issues.

Cybercrime Magazine is another technical publisher, self-described as “the world’s leading researcher and Page ONE for the global cyber economy, and a trusted source for cybersecurity facts, figures, and statistics.” SmartBrief interviewed Editor-In-Chief Steve Morgan in 2020 to discuss the future of the cybersecurity industry.

Finally, Daniel Miessler’s Unsupervised Learning blog is worth a look for those in the information security industry. Graham Cluley is another security blogger and independent cybersecurity analyst who also hosts the award-winning “Smashing Security” podcast. Security Weekly’s network of cybersecurity podcasts is another great option for those who prefer to listen to their news.

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Lilla Ross is a copy editor/writer for SmartBrief. She focuses on cybersecurity and mobile marketing.


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