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Trading Technologies unveils mobile-capable trading platform

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The next-generation trading platform from Chicago-based Trading Technologies International Inc. will leverage both co-located servers and the cloud to provide unprecedented computing power and flexibility. The company’s Nextrader platform, unveiled Wednesday at the 39th Annual International Futures Industry Conference in Boca Raton, Fla., will be available in the latter half of this year. Nextrader represents a faster and more scalable option for users of TT’s X_TRADER platform. TT will continue to provide robust support for X_TRADER as users migrate to Nextrader.

In addition to offering traders almost limitless analysis capabilities though its secure, encrypted cloud infrastructure, Nextrader will integrate with mobile devices for many key features, including the ability to select specific FCMs to clear orders. TT introduced this capability last year through its MutiBroker service. CEO Rick Lane praised the “significant changes to the underlying architecture” Nextrader represents, noting that TT  “is at its best when it’s building for what’s next.”

According to Stefani Sandow, TT product manager, Nextrader’s new, open architecture “will significantly reduce the software development timeline going forward,” fueling the platform’s next stage.

TT customers can access more than 40 major exchanges and liquidity platforms. The company’s technology is used by including hedge funds, brokers, money managers, individual traders and others.