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Ushering in the new “conversationalists” in 2010

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SmartPulse — our weekly reader poll in Smartbrief on Social Media — tracks feedback from leading marketers about social media practices and issues.

Last week’s poll question: Are you planning to increase or decrease your social-media consumption in 2010?

  • Increasing. I want it all! 52%
  • Staying about the same, 33%
  • Pruning my consumption, but still logging on, 8%
  • Planning to take a hiatus for a while, but I’ll be back, 4%
  • Dropping out for good, 4%

While some of you are probably thinking, “How is it possible to increase from my current levels?” — it’s important to recognize that that just 1 in 3 Americans are “conversationalists,” updating their status at least once a week. So while those of you who tweet or comment on this and other blogs are trying to figure out how to manage your time more effectively (probably the 8% above), the more-passive majority is looking to play catch up with you.

Marketers take note. With more than half expecting to increase consumption in the new year, now is the time to ramp up engagement and find those newly minted “conversationalists.”