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Vote for our session at SXSWedu 2016: “LMS: Extreme Makeover”

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Recently we asked if the term “learning management system” was due for a makeover. We think it is. And we’re teaming with the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and C. Blohm & Associates for a session to discuss that idea at the 2016 SXSWedu conference called “LMS: Extreme Makeover.”

We would love to hear your thoughts on redefining LMS, but first we need your help. Vote for our session between now and Sept. 4 to help guarantee that it will be added to the official SXSWedu program. Every vote counts and we would appreciate yours!

LMS evokes strong feelings among educators, administrators and even the companies that create them. Some view it as a useful tool for teaching and learning and others view it as a necessary evil. Whether you’re for or against LMS, it plays a significant role in today’s schools. Over the years the terminology has morphed and changed — remember “computer-assisted instruction”? — and it continues to do so. But if not LMS, what should we call it? To determine that, we must first discuss LMS challenges, including how curriculum and technology leaders can work together to achieve the same goals. Our session at SXSWedu will seek to build consensus around oft-ambiguous terminology and the advantages and challenges of these evolving digital learning platforms.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on Twitter with the hashtag #LMSMakeover. And please take a minute to give our session a thumbs up for SXSWedu 2016.

Jared Stearns is the marketing manager for SmartBrief Education. He can reached at [email protected].