All Articles Marketing What are social media saying about #SXSW? Find out in "Future of Engagement"!

What are social media saying about #SXSW? Find out in “Future of Engagement”!

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One of America’s most popular festivals started Friday in Austin, Texas, and it continues throughout the week. During the run-up to the event, people were tweeting about the hashtag #SXSW, and the festival has received widespread social media coverage — but not in the way that most people think it would. In this “Future of Engagement” episode, Murray Newlands analyzes how social media have covered South by Southwest so far, and what he found might surprise you.



  • Lots of people started talking about SXSW in March.
  • Use of #SXSW was so widespread on Twitter that spammers started using it to post unrelated messages.
  • But the festival still got a lot of negative coverage for an event of its kind.

Coverage of South by Southwest by platform

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